9 Jun

Village Revitalization Strategy Kick-off Meeting on Tuesday, June 13 at 7:00 PM in the Willey Building Auditorium.

The Cabot community will hold public conversations about the Village’s economic future with the goal of answering the question:  How can we encourage private investment in the Village to take advantage of the unique opportunities presented in Cabot?  A preliminary public meeting will take place on June 13 at 7:00 PM at the Willey Building Auditorium.  This is an opportunity for all interested parties to learn more about the Village Revitalization Plan and share ideas about Cabot’s economic future.

How do we keep Cabot’s economy vibrant and prosperous?  That’s the question being addressed by Cabot’s Village Revitalization Plan (VRP).  The VRP will create an action plan for preserving and strengthening the vitality of the Village’s economy.  Using the Village’s community character and quality of life as its foundation, the VRP will assess the existing economic conditions and seeks to involve local businesses, key stakeholders and the community in the development of an action plan that sets clear priorities for staffing, investment and community activities to promote economic health and vitality in the Village of Cabot.

Cabot has its challenges, but there are also plenty of opportunities.  The good news is Cabot still has a vital economy and can take action to avoid losing its prosperity.  The preliminary analysis for the Village Revitalization Plan shows that Cabot has opportunities. Come to the meeting to learn more.

 Join the conversation about Cabot’s economic future!

Light refreshments will be served.

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