About the Study

Cabot’s Village Revitalization Plan (VRP) is intended to foster coordinated actions to promote revitalization of the Village of Cabot.  The project will involve economic analysis combined with ongoing dialogue with stakeholders in Cabot’s economy about important issues and opportunities.  The result will be an action plan addressing these opportunities and challenges that also reflects and builds upon the capacity of the community’s stakeholders.  The Cabot Village Revitalization plan will involve the following seven tasks:

Task 1: Kickoff Meeting & Analysis of Cabot’s Economic Performance: Fairweather Consulting and the Cabot Community Association will hold an initial meeting with Village of Cabot officials to gather information and data on past economic initiatives and current economic development. The existing conditions and stakeholder input will then be analyzed by reviewing existing planning documents and existing businesses in the Village of Cabot.This analysis will provide a sense of the current performance of Cabot’s economy, setting the stage for community engagement and ultimately for a tight focus on the key target sectors for this strategic plan.

Task 2: Community Engagement— Understanding Competitiveness Issues & Opportunities & Stakeholder Outreach: There will be a series of customized outreach efforts to engage the community and other stakeholders in order to elicit their opinions regarding the economic future of Cabot. Fairweather Consulting will inventory the current organizational resources devoted to economic development in Cabot and Central Vermont. This inventory will identify each of the organizations involved in economic development.  The inventory will, if possible, identify the annual economic development budget, staffing levels and particular economic development-related initiatives carried out by each.

Task 3: Evaluation of Cabot’s Current Resources & Assets: The Village of Cabot has many economic development assets that contribute and/or can contribute to its economic competitiveness.  Fairweather Consulting will inventory these assets and describe the role they play or could potentially play in Cabot’s economy. This task will involve bringing together the information and insights gathered in the two earlier phases into a draft strategic plan for economic development in the Village of Cabot.

Task 4: Current Competitive Environment & Potential Competitive Advantage: Evaluation of Cabot’s competitiveness will involve a local and regional competitive analysis, which includes examination of tax rates, transportation access, infrastructure availability (e.g., municipal sewer and water, broadband access, etc.), along with access to workforce and a supply of local entrepreneurs. This phase will identify potential targets for Cabot’s economic development strategy.

Task 5: Preparing Cabot’s Village Revitalization Plan Draft: Fairweather Consulting will compile the results of all previous phases into a draft Economic Development strategy for Cabot. The draft report will include a summary of the competitive situation facing Cabot, the “Core Idea” behind Cabot’s Village Revitalization Plan, and policy recommendations.

Task 6:Draft Implementation Plan: In addition to providing a strategy by way of the Cabot Village Revitalization plan, Fairweather Consulting will also create a detailed implementation plan that includes goal statements and desired measurable outcomes, identification of responsible partners and partnerships, and a sequence of required actions in order to achieve strategy goals.

Task 7: Presentation and Adoption of Cabot Village Revitalization Plan: The final phase of the strategy will be the presentation of the draft Revitalization Plan to the public and stakeholders. The draft plan will be open to comments and community input. Following such input, a final report will be prepared and ultimately,Village government and the key stakeholders may officially adopt and implement of the strategy.

The work is being conducted by Fairweather Consulting with the guidance of the Cabot Community Association and the Project Steering Committee. Stakeholder and community input is important to us. You can learn more about meetings and other related events through the project’s events calendar page.  Any questions or comments?  Feel free to leave your thoughts on our discussion page or contact us via email.